coach-foro-11) Complimentary coaching conversation

We will get together in person or over the phone to discuss your status-quo and understand your needs. We will help you gain clarity and think about next steps. Whether you are looking for personal coaching, help with the job search process, or starting/growing your own biz, we are known for helping connect you with the right resources! Sponsored 100% by Koncenter. Duration 45min.

clues-logo2) Discover CLUES, discover YOU 

Based on a personality assessment that clients LOVE, we will explore your strengths and talk about how you can apply those in a group setting, and how you can integrate them into your interviews, personal/professional relationships. What you will get is a clear understanding of your strengths, development opportunities as well as acquiring the language to be able to clearly communicate that in the north american job market. You will learn key words/traits that you will be able to integrate to your professional profile on your resume and/or LinkedIn. What would be involved is taking the assessment (ca. 11min), you would receive a 29 page report, and we get together over the phone or in person for a 60min debrief.


1476493_187668768105561_1311557567_n13) Discover CLUES, discover YOUR TEAM

 Based on a personality assessment for small teams, we will discuss the key traits for each personality type in your team and decipher how those work together to give you recommendations for bringing your team to a higher level of productivity and commitment to your organization’s mission and brand. We will develop effective communication strategies so that your small business gets the boost it needs to get a head start towards the next level! Contact us for quotes and pricing.


office-620817_960_7204) Interview the American way

You will meet with two experts, an HR consultant with 20+ years of experience and myself and Dr. Luna an expert coach and scientist over Skype. What we would need from you is your most current CV and the listings of the jobs that you are most interested in. We will design a mock interview based on your background and what you are looking for. Expect to be able to answer those tough interview questions that come up for YOU, get a clear understanding of how to tell your story professionally and authentically. The mock interview will be customized to your needs and will last 90min. 


tie-690084_960_7205)  Leadership profile assessment

You will discover how you perceive the world and how you show up in the world. We will identify which strategies for success are working for you and develop new ones to help you accomplish your goals. You will gain clarity towards your goals and get tips on being more successful, happier and reduce stress. Highly analytical clients love the data/graphs in this assessment! 

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