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We are glad you found our site! We are a diverse, interdisciplinary and multicultural team that provides career transition support for graduates and business professionals as they determine their next steps. With integrity, professionalism, humor, and absolute passion for the work we do; we help our clients develop and implement strategies for sustainable success customized to their individual needs.

Our co-creative approach will help you understand your vision of a career that is aligned with your professional and personal goals. Partnering with us will help you capitalize on your strengths, identify development opportunities, leverage your value proposition for marketplace readiness, and develop strategic action plans. Reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing about how we can help support you in your career transition!

I approached Koncenter coaching because I am a recent graduate looking to begin my career. Koncenter coaching helped me by working on my interviewing and professional skills including the creation of a professional resume. The results to date are that I improved my comfort in job interview situations and instilling confidence in myself and building on my past experiences. One particular thing I liked was their system of working on both the professional skills and marketing those skills. Also working with a resume coach concurrently to ensure that the program was never stagnant. I found the experience enlightening to both me on a personal level and building my confidence, and my worth to potential employers. I would recommend Koncenter coaching to fellow graduates or other professionals looking to forward their careers and improving themselves in the professional world.

~ Emerson Pearce

Many times when we get so focused on our career, we tend to forget about our personal life and things stack up. Then, everything hits you at once. In addition to professional support, coaching can help tremendously with personal issues. I have a rather challenging situation at home, which can sometimes seem overwhelming and intimidating and can affect my professional life. Coaching has helped me see to the root of the issues, find ways to tackle them, and develop more successfully on a personal as well as on a professional level. I love our coaching sessions, and I always get many useful new strategies out of every meeting. I highly recommend them!

~ Lynn, PhD. Michigan, USA

I approached Katiuska in March 2014 to coach me during my recent professional transition. I recently moved from the University of Michigan where I was a Research Investigator in the Department of Pathology to the greater Los Angeles area where I have been actively looking for opportunities in Biotech. As a young scientist, I struggle with enormity of future career decisions and during our coaching sessions she demonstrated tremendous empathy and understanding of my struggles. Katiuska quickly understood how was I feeling during our sessions and she always effectively shifted my focus toward my professional goals. Our sessions helped me to identify and address the barriers that prevented me from moving forward with determination and courage. Moreover, she was a very easy person to approach and interact with. In sum, Katiuska offered me invaluable strategies that have allowed me to better address the many challenges as I move forward in my professional career.

~ Karen, PhD. California, USA

I went through a 4-week coaching partnership with Dr. Katiuska Luna Cancalon. The goals of that session were to be able to prioritize my professional targets and build up self-confidence through coaching. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Luna Cancalon, she demonstrated to be very professional, capable of quickly understanding the needs and ready to provide a strategy to help overcome difficulties. Also, I really appreciated her positive attitude and the fact that the goals she asked me to achieve from one session to the next one were tailored on my personality. At the end of the coaching partnership I felt that I successfully build up confidence in myself – as demonstrated by the fact that I was able to better handle networking discussions – and I was able to prioritize my objective much more efficiently than before. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Luna Cancalon as professional coach.

~ Egon, PhD. Michigan, USA

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